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All our teachers are highly qualified with extensive experience in fitness, wellbeing and health. Contact us for your requirements or even pop in to see us at Pilates in the Crypt.

Sandra Turnbull

Senior Teacher

Sandra’s background includes dance, the music industry and Pilates.  In addition, she is a successful artist with paintings on display in the studio. Sandra has taught pilates since 1998 and was the successful co-founder of a Pilates studio in  West London. Sandra  trained with  Alan Herdman  and Lesley  Ackland prior to owning her own studio   and has  experience  in specialist  rehabilitation of  recovery  after spinal surgery, hip replacements  and  knee  structuring  via this unique Pilates – based method,  Sandra also  has an academic background as  well  as  an  intuitive  understanding  of  the  psychology  behind  teaching and  group  dynamics  incorporating  constantly evolving techniques  based on anatomical principles.

Dalh Haynes


Dalh’s background includes musical theatre, yoga and massage therapy. She has trained and taught at Bloomsbury Space since 2010, after having practiced Pilates and performed as a dancer for many years.

Jenny Knight


I first practiced Pilates for myself and decided to train as a Pilates teacher, having realised the benefits of the technique. I have taught since the mid 1980’s, worked and trained with some of the Pilates world’s most revered teachers. I joined Lesley Ackland’s team in 2014, whom I have known personally for many years, to continue my commitment to teaching the benefits of Pilates, for both fitness and rehabilitation.

Cheryl Liss


Cheryl Liss has now joined the teaching team at Bloomsbury Space. Cheryl is a highly experienced teacher, having both taught and trained Pilates teachers for the Body Control Association since 1996. She has a dance background with English National Ballet Company and a wide variety of different dance and performance styles during her career. Cheryl has practiced Pilates, both personally and professionally since the 1970’s and is a great addition to the staffing team.

Rebecca Burton

Pilates Instructor

Coming from a background of dance and sport, Rebecca  Burton came to Pilates after injuring her ankle.  She trained with Alan Herdman 18 years ago, and has worked alongside physios and osteopaths, working with all ages and fitness levels.  She is also a qualified masseur and cranio-sacral therapist. Rebecca offers both small group and private classes. Please call 07899877011 (rebeccapilates@hotmail.com)for further information.

Whenever I’m broken, Lesley fixes me !’

Over 20 years ago I came to Lesley Ackland after having sustained damage to the discs in my lower back. Over the years I have continued to ‘rush in first, think later’ and this has resulted in a succession of torn ligaments and muscles – and each time she has patiently restored me to the best health I can be.

Most recently I have developed osteo-arthritis in both my knees and wrists, and once again Lesley has devised a programme of exercise which allows me to continue to live and enjoy my life.

Lesley is inspirational and has an innate understanding of both the body and the personality she is dealing with. She is unique in the care and attention she gives to all her clients and is, quite simply, the best in her field.