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When I came to Lesley over 25 years ago, I had three small children and a lower back scoliosis. I was rarely out of pain. Even worse than the pain was the way in which my back dominated and limited my life. Like so many sufferers, I lived in constant dread of the moment when my back would ‘go’ and weeks of pain and immobility would follow. Following an MRI scan at a hospital, a consultant told me that nothing could be done and that my condition would steadily worsen. A tough thing to be told at 32.

Luckily, he was wrong. After just a few sessions with Lesley, I found myself moving without pain. Many years later, my scoliosis has improved to the point where my osteopath (who I rarely see these days) says she can barely detect it. I’m far more supple than I was at 30 and, though my back does still occasionally give me problems, I know exactly what to do to make it better. I actually find my scoliosis interesting rather than frightening, and I really enjoy the stronger body that Pilates has given me.

But Lesley’s uniquely holistic approach and technique go beyond the physical. All the people who teach for her are exceptional – inspiring, intuitive and caring – and the atmosphere in the studio is one of intimacy, support, humour and calm. I never leave a session without feeling lifted, both physically and mentally and there have been many times over the past 25 years when my sessions in her studio have been far more than just exercise – they’ve been a kind of sanctuary too.


Lesley Ackland

Lesley Ackland is an expert in all forms of fitness and well-being,  having run her successful  Pilates Studio in Central London for over 30 years.  Teaching Pilates – based exercise  has seen  her become remedial  exercise consultant   to  The  Birmingham  Royal  Ballet  for  five years,   as  well  as  selling over  100,000  copies  worldwide  of  her  best-selling  Pilates  books,   bringing the studio into the home.


With  30  years  experience  in specialist  rehabilitation and  recovery  after spinal surgery, hip replacements  and  knee  surgery  with  her unique Pilates – based method, Lesley  has a solid academic background as  well  as  an  intuitive  understanding  of  the  psychology  behind  teaching and  group  dynamics which underpins  her  approach  to  Pilates  and the constantly evolving techniques  based on sound anatomical principles.


‘Lesley  Ackland  Pilates  Studio’     moved  to a  beautiful  new,   bright,  high – ceiling  premises at  Bloomsbury  Space,  St.  George’s  Church,  Bloomsbury  Way,  London  WC1A  2HR  on Monday  12th  April 2010.   An  integral  art  gallery  within  the  Pilates  Studio  will  plays  host  to regular  exhibitions  featuring work by artist Sandra Turnbull and photographer Robert Goldstein.

30th Anniversary Speech